*coming in 2017

welcome to tulum

Welcome to Trinity Tulum – the only luxury development in Tulum that combines true elegance of avant-garde,
yet chic minimalist architecture with all the comforts of modern eco living.

At the heart of our philosophy is the Trinity of three elements that are essential for complete relaxation and true enjoyment of Tulum living:
the unity of unprecedented comfort, unique lifestyle and complete harmony with nature.

The project

Trinity Tulum is designed to offer the superior functionality of a luxurious contemporary space, while at the same time being a natural part of the surroundings - thanks to its large private terraces, its airy and lofty feel, and ample, open common spaces that are an extension of the natural landscape.

Earth icon Earth

Trinity Tulum was inspired by Nature. For the design, we used simple, yet elegant forms. Our large, open common spaces are almost an extension of the natural landscape. We use only sustainably and locally sourced natural wood and stone – the same materials that were known to and used by the ancient Maya.

Air icon Air

Air is an integral part of the Trinity Tulum design concept. Our ample common spaces let the air and light in, while every single apartment features a large private terrace with a whirlpool tub, allowing you to enjoy the tropical outside in the privacy of your home. The interior of each unit feels light, open and lofty.

Water icon Water

Crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea were the inspiration for our modern common spaces. The main common area features a large, elegantly designed pool, visible from various points of the building. Thanks to its unique positioning, the pool area is exposed to the sun for the majority of the day. The rooftop deck also boasts a pool, allowing to take a refreshing swim at any time of day.
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